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Universal Mind worked closely with the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) in Grand Rapids Michigan to create a compelling digital experience that integrates with the physical art display for the DisArt Festival. This experience highlights exhibits of Disability Arts from all around the world. In this session David Tucker, VP of Experience Technology at Universal Mind, will review the work that went into conceptualizing this experience as well as how Universal Mind leveraged Kinvey as a rapid innovation tool to allow for the creation of the digital experience.

DisArt Festival Digital Experience: A Case Study

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Today’s enterprise architecture was built for web apps. But mobile apps are different, and allowing your existing web architecture to dictate how you build mobile apps sets you up for failure. Just as in the late 1990’s when app architectures transitioned from client server to web, we are once again experiencing a major platform shift from web to mobile. Kinvey can help you augment your existing architecture with new mobile cloud services to allow your existing systems to fit right in with this new wave of technology.

How to Build Mobile Apps as if You Have no Legacy

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In our first Mobile Architecture webinar, we looked at how the 4-tier architecture is a vital part of the new mobile strategy. In this webinar, we will take a deeper look at specifically how enterprises are integrating mBaaS into their 4-tier architecture. We’ll take a look at several mobile application use cases, and dissect how the apps were created and how they leverage the new mobile architecture paradigm to get the best app and most ROI value. 

Leveraging Four Tiers: In-depth, Real World Use Cases


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Universal Mind has leveraged Kinvey to provide both a rapid innovation platform as well as a tested standard for mobile engagement at an enterprise level. Universal Mind’s Vice President for Experience Technology, David Tucker, will be sharing things that Universal Mind has learned in architecting these applications on Kinvey. David will review the architecture behind two very different applications as well as information around how Universal Mind sees Kinvey fitting into an organization’s holistic digital engagement strategy.

A Technical Overview for Creating mBaaS Powered Applications


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Many enterprises are struggling because their IT architecture was built for the web, not mobile. IT demands consistency while lines of business need agility, and the two are caught in a tug of war that ends up stalling mobile projects. This webinar will show you how a four tier IT architecture creates an environment that lets lines of business operate at the speed needed to innovate and keep up with the pace of mobile, while IT proceeds at a measured, rock solid pace to ensure compliance and security.

Why Mobile Requires a Four-Tier Architecture


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Mobile apps can be extremely costly and time consuming to build, but where are all these costs coming from? How much time does it really take to build an application using best practices for mobile? In this webinar, we will do a time and cost breakdown for exactly what it takes to build and deploy a mobile application, and show you where you can shave time and costs in your app development process. 

Constructing a Mobile App: A Detailed Cost Breakdown 

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In this live demo, you will see how to rapidly build engaging patient and provider app experiences despite the challenges of integrating with legacy healthcare systems. By using Kinvey’s HIPAA compliant app cloud and Redox’s modern healthcare API, you can strip away any archaic complexity and provide a modern experience. Your developers don't need to know anything about HL7, FHIR, CDA, CCD, X12, NCPDP, DICOM, or EDI, they can just focus on building a 5 star user experience. 

Build 5 Star HIPAA Compliant Apps Despite Clunky EHRs  

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Many enterprises have seen the value of using an API Management platform to control and protect access to existing systems of record, but how to then take this data and bring it into a mobile context can still be mystifying. In this webinar, we explore the links between mobile Backend as a Service and enterprise API Management, and see where they compliment one another in order to create a holistic approach to creating enterprise mobile apps. 

mBaaS and API Management: Better Together

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As mobile apps move towards becoming single-purpose applications, enterprise IT architecture must follow suit. In order to allow each application to evolve and iterate at its own pace, enterprises need to break down backend integrations into small, discrete components -- known as microservices. In this webinar, we'll explore what microservices are, how they are built, and how they can be leveraged to create an application development environment that enables innovation at the speed of mobile.

The Power of Microservices in Mobile Application Development

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Building custom mobile apps that need to access your enterprise data sources can take as long as 12 months due to backend integration complexities.  Using Kinvey and our no-code RAPID Data Links, you can securely access your enterprise data systems in minutes.   In this webinar, we'll connect to and orchestrate data between two live,  SharePoint and Salesforce instances, and build a lightweight frontend using Ionic's hybrid HTML5 SDK in less than an hour. 

Build an App Using SharePoint, Salesforce, and Kinvey in Less Than an Hour

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Building your app and pushing it to production is a big milestone, but it's just the beginning of your app's lifecycle. Many businesses ignore or underestimate the importance of tools that can monitor their app's health and diagnose customer issues as they arrive. The result is a poor user experience and unhappy customers. In this webinar, we'll discuss the importance of building operational insight (OI) into your app, explain what needs to be reported on and why, and demo Kinvey's built-in OI tools.

You Have Your App. Now What? Using Operational Insight to Improve UX

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Mobile apps, wearables, and smart devices have the power to transform healthcare delivery globally. Benefits include increased access to care, higher quality of services, greater affordability, and better outcomes for patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceutical organizations. Join Carla Small of Boston Children’s Hospital Digital Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator and Jikku Venkat, Head of Product at Kinvey to gain insights into how to harness - and scale -  digital innovation across your provider community.

Innovation and Digital Health Acceleration

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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) are often used in clinical trials or clinical settings to assess real-world outcomes from a patient’s perspective and are an important way to assess how a patient is doing overtime, not under clinical observation.  PRO is increasingly seen as an effective method in assessing Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL), treatment evaluation, and symptom reduction in both clinical trials and in patient treatment.

Innovation in Patient Reported Outcomes

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Over 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and other drugs, yet just under 2.5 million addicts receive care. Mobile apps have the potential to raise the standard in substance abuse treatment services by actively engaging patients, delivering accountability through evidence-based outcomes and improving long-term success rates as a result. Join us to learn how mobile is delivering better patient outcomes and transforming addiction recovery.

Improving Outcomes for Recovering Addicts

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As the innovation leader, you’re challenged with unleashing the creativity that exists across your clinical and research teams to accelerate delivery of connected health solutions.  Digital innovation is delivered via a combination of people, process and technology.  This webinar will focus on the technology piece of the puzzle and will explain how Kinvey’s cloud-based Backend as a Service, in conjunction with Redox’s EHR Integration Platform, can give you a HIPAA compliant innovation accelerator for your entire community. 

5 Things Every CIO Needs to Know to Accelerate mHealth Innovation

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Mobile apps, wearables, and smart devices have the power to transform healthcare. Benefits include increased access to care, higher quality of services, greater affordability, and better outcomes for patients, providers, payers and pharmaceutical organizations. Please join Neil Gomes to learn how Jefferson's Innovation Team is working collaboratively across their community to transform healthcare, education, research and beyond to be consumer-focused, agile, and responsive.

Digital Innovation in Healthcare at Thomas Jefferson University

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Are you under pressure to deliver more apps, faster in 2017? To beat the competition, many organizations are placing a high priority on digital and mobile initiatives. In order to be successful, however, they will need a platform that supports any use case, is developer friendly, and can scale as their projects succeed. Join Jikku Venkat, Head of Product at Kinvey to learn what to look for in a mobile platform, and how to ensure the platform’s capabilities fit your mobility needs for 2017.

Are You Building Apps in 2017?

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Your application architecture will make or break digital transformation efforts critical to innovation. As technology executives, we know we can’t simply start over, we have to leverage existing systems while transitioning to a cloud-native architecture. Join serial entrepreneur, CTO and innovation expert Dmitri Tcherevik, as he discusses five architecture considerations necessary to overcome digital complexity while mitigating cost, compliance and other major concerns.

5 Architecture Considerations for Highly Innovative CIOs


How to Prioritize Your Mobile App Projects

The accelerating demand for mobile is leaving IT organizations massively overloaded and underfunded. Our partner Venado Technologies has developed VECTOR3, the enterprise mobile app decision support solution that provides enterprises with a strategic framework for deciding what applications to deliver, which features to enable, and what order to arrange them in to deliver the highest business value. Join us for this invaluable webinar to gain insights and a sane and profitable pathway forward for your company.
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Jumpstart Your 2017 Mobile Program With Propelics & Kinvey!

Join us to learn what Propelics & Kinvey can do to get your 2017 mobile program back on track to beat the competition! Propelics and Kinvey are here to help jumpstart your company’s 2017 mobile program! Propelics’ best in class team of designers and developers, together with Kinvey’s top-ranked mBaaS makes for an unbeatable combination. In this webinar we will discuss how we have provided our customers with a Mobile Strategy guaranteed for success along with a working, on-device prototype in just a few weeks.
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With the adoption of electronic records, healthcare has been digitized. However, the data is too difficult to access. It’s a common fact, mobilizing data from EHR systems is painful. Most EHR systems were built before smartphones were invented and they speak a different language. Yet, mobilizing EHR information is key to creating patient-centric care. Join Niko Skievaski, co-founder and president of Redox (the healthcare API company), and Jikku Venkat, VP of products at Kinvey (the leading HIPAA compliant mobile development platform company), to learn how to strip away all archaic complexity and provide a familiar, modern API.

How to Mobilize your EHR Information Quickly and Securely

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Patient engagement is the key to any successful Digital Healthcare Initiative. In this webinar, you will hear from mobile and healthcare specialists from Cybage and Kinvey on how to create a winning mHealth Strategy. By using Kinvey’s HIPAA compliant app cloud and Cybage's niche digital health IT expertise, you can deliver a patient-centric digital health experience. Learn what it takes to build a winning patient engagement strategy.  

Why Patient Engagement is the Key to a Winning mHealth Strategy

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Healthcare operates in an increasingly digital environment. Regulatory, economic and market forces pressure healthcare organizations to adopt a value-based care model that relies more and more on mobile technology to keep patients engaged. Further, to remain at the forefront, healthcare organizations must transform the patient experience by integrating emerging technologies with consumer devices. Join Enterprise Mobility Leaders Kinvey and Propelics for a free webinar and learn how emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and Neural Networks are poised to disrupt the healthcare space.

How Digital is Transforming Healthcare

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Over the last 6 years, Kinvey’s top ranked Backend as a Service platform has been used by 100s of 1000s of developers to build rich, engaging apps using the various features we offer, including data and file storage, user authentication and authorization, engagement (push notifications, email, etc.), custom functions and triggers, 3rd-party data connectivity, analytics, operational intelligence, and compliance. We are thrilled to now be a part of Progress alongside our friends at NativeScript. Our SDKs are complete, well documented, and easy to use. The newest addition to this set is our NativeScript SDK. You focus on the front end of your app and leave the backend to us. Come watch us build a native mobile app in under 30 minutes and see what Kinvey and NativeScript can do for you. 

Build Better NativeScript Apps With Kinvey

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HIPAA-compliant Health Clouds allow healthcare organizations (providers, payers and pharma) to get started with less investment and risk while delivering faster time to market with better user experiences since valuable IT resources aren’t spending time on non-value added activities. Please join Kinvey, our guest speaker from Forrester, and our customer Thomas Jefferson University Health to learn more about how using a health cloud can benefit your organization.

Why You Need an Enterprise Health Cloud

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Highly responsive applications are the foundation of a successful digital transformation, leading to better business processes, increased sales and deeper customer engagement. Join Forbes contributor and industry analyst Maribel Lopez, to see how market leaders are redesigning their existing apps and processes for a mobile, cloud-native world. She will discuss how a Modern App Factory speeds both development and updates for apps that lead the industry in user adoption and engagement.

Digital Transformation and the Modern App Factory


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