Build Better NativeScript Apps With Kinvey Webinar 

Watch us build an app in 30 minutes with NativeScript and our easy to use Kinvey platform

About The Webinar

Over the last 6 years, Kinvey’s top ranked Backend as a Service platform has been used by 100s of 1000s of developers to build rich, engaging apps using the various features we offer, including data and file storage, user authentication and authorization, engagement (push notifications, email, etc.), custom functions and triggers, 3rd-party data connectivity, analytics, operational intelligence, and compliance. 

And we are thrilled to now be a part of Progress alongside our friends at NativeScript. Our SDKs are complete, well documented, and easy to use. The newest addition to this set is our NativeScript SDK. You focus on the front end of your app and leave the backend to us. 

Come watch us build a native mobile app in under 30 minutes and see what Kinvey and NativeScript can do for you. 

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“With Kinvey, we gained the benefits of a cost effective enterprise class mobile infrastructure with a fully managed service, and can focus on supporting our customers instead of our apps.“

Joel is the Senior Director of IT at VMware

Why You Should Attend

  • Watch us live-code a mobile app with NativeScript and Kinvey 
  • Discover how our APIs simplify mobile app development 
  • Learn about our generous free tier so you can get started today
  • Be the first to hear about a new NativeScript & Kinvey app dev contest!


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Matthew DeLacey


Principal Sales Engineer, Kinvey

Jen Looper

Senior Developer Advocate, Progress

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