For Pharma: Innovation in Patient Reported Outcomes

Join IOMEDIA, Google, and Kinvey to learn how mobile is transforming patient care and the pharma industry

About The Webinar

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) are often used in clinical trials or clinical settings to assess real-world outcomes from a patient’s perspective and are an important way to assess how a patient is doing overtime, not under clinical observation.  PRO is increasingly seen as an effective method in assessing Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL), treatment evaluation, and symptom reduction in both clinical trials and in patient treatment.

Marc has amassed 20 years of healthcare marketing experience, including leadership of Havas Life New York and management of some of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical products and portfolios. He leverages his experience in global corporate, portfolio, and brand development, cross-channel marketing, and multi-stakeholder influence to guide IOMEDIA forward in helping the healthcare industry transition from advertising to education, from promotion to support, in order to ensure value is always delivered.

Featuring Marc Porter

Managing Director, Healthcare, IOMEDIA



“With Kinvey, we gained the benefits of a cost effective enterprise class mobile infrastructure with a fully managed service, and can focus on supporting our customers instead of our apps.“

Joel is the Senior Director of IT at VMware

What You'll Learn

  • The value of a scheduled cadence of validated and non-validated surveys outside of the clinical trial setting
  • How to empower patients to take an active role in their ongoing treatment
  • How to give patients the ability to compare themselves against the national normative
  • How physicians can compare outcomes across their patients, their practice and the nation
  • Related tools to bundle with the PRO application to assist in the patient journey


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Duration: 45 Minutes
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