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Using Internet of Things design, 75F harnesses the computing power of the cloud and mobile and packs it into smart HVAC devices that make people more comfortable and energy use more efficient.


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Hello Tractor is a social enterprise that is improving food and income security by building a network of “Smart Tractor” owners that farmers obtain service from via SMS. This way, small landowners have access to affordable farm machine services to increase their productivity.

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Juan Antonio Karmy and his startup Heartlytics are leading the charge to improve healthcare in Chile. Heartlytics is a remote monitoring app for chronic condition patients, enabling them to report vital signs, symptoms, prescription adherence, and more via their mobile phone.


John Yi and his brother James are looking to transform the restaurant waitlist. Frustrated with the experience of waiting for a table at a restaurant, they’ve created NextME, an innovative waitlist solution that replaces pen and paper with an iPad, and buzzers with the smartphones we’re all carrying around already.

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When it comes to portraying women accurately and fairly, ads don’t have the greatest track record. So in 2013, The Representation Project, a nonprofit that aims to inspire individuals and communities to create a world free of limiting stereotypes and social injustices, launched an Indiegogo campaign to try to change that.

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This Month's Featured App

With JSA Cloud, companies can create a database of key steps, tasks, hazards, consequences, and mitigation steps, which are then available to workers in the field to assemble an appropriate Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Users can also create templates for common projects – excavation or roadwork, for example – allowing employees to create JSAs without having to think through all the different hazards and consequences individually.

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Previously Featured Apps

Venado Technologies built an application to perfect how organizations rank and prioritize their digital initiatives. The app, called VECTOR3, helps companies document features associated with apps, assign a benefit or value to the business associated with each feature, assign a cost or level of effort to develop, and then uses advanced algorithms to decide which features provide most value or benefit associated with cost.

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TempTraq is the first 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device. A soft, comfortable patch is placed under the arm and continuously senses, records and transmits temperature information using Bluetooth technology to a compatible Android or iOS smartphone.

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Smartphones with cameras, fingerprint recognition and data encryption are enabling digital innovation in cyber security, making it cost effective to employ multi-factor authentication. Their FaceCrypt Pro Password Manager with Secure Data Vault is one of the new solutions gaining a lot of attention in the cyber security world. It uses a unique iProov facial biometric identifier to give you fast and secure access to your most sensitive data. 

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