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Anatomy of an Enterprise-Grade Mobile App

Discover the 4 core features of an enterprise-grade app

Are you an enterprise mobile strategist looking to leverage the mobile shift for your organization? Then this whitepaper is for you.

To be transformative, every mobile app needs to manage identity, connect to data, leverage engagement features and employ new business logic.

Considerations for a transformative app:

  • Securely unlock enterprise data and identity
  • Integrate new mobile-specific workflows
  • Enable customer and employee engagement

Find out if your organization has the tools and skills needed to build truly transformative mobile apps.

What is Kinvey?

Kinvey provdes a fully-featured mobile Backend as a Service solution, offering data integrations, legacy system mobilization, as well as complete app backends for developers creating new mobile and web applications. Kinvey is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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