Five Things Every Healthcare CIO Needs to Know to Accelerate mHealth Innovation

Join Kinvey and Redox to learn how you can deliver HIPAA compliant connected health apps 80% faster, even when you need to mobilize EHR data. 

About The Webinar

As the innovation leader, you’re challenged with unleashing the creativity that exists across your clinical and research teams to accelerate delivery of connected health solutions.  Digital innovation is delivered via a combination of people, process and technology.  This webinar will focus on the technology piece of the puzzle and will explain how Kinvey’s cloud-based Backend as a Service, in conjunction with Redox’s EHR Integration Platform, can give you a HIPAA compliant innovation accelerator for your entire community.

The dream was to universalize the sharing of data and revolutionize patient care. Yet standards have become fractionalized. Too many hurdles limit access, data remains elusive and sharing has become too cumbersome. This is the interoperability problem, and Redox solves it. We are the bridge from health systems to the cloud and back — interoperability is now open.

Featuring Niko Skievaski

Co-Founder and President, Redox



“With Kinvey, we gained the benefits of a cost effective enterprise class mobile infrastructure with a fully managed service, and can focus on supporting our customers instead of our apps.“

Joel is the Senior Director of IT at VMware

What You'll Learn

  • How to give your community freedom, yet maintain security and compliance
  • How to increase long-term recovery rates via early and frequent patient engagement
  • How to integrate into EHR systems in a fast and repeatable way
  • How to access the latest patient fitness, health and lifestyle data into your innovations
  • How to easily leverage Big Data analytics to drive innovation


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Duration: 45 Minutes
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